Heaven sent us a baby
Which we waited months to see
A beautiful little angel
That we couldn’t wait to meet
A baby that we’d longed for
For years and years and years
The news was so overwhelming
We couldn’t stop the tears
Our prayers had finally been answered
A little baby of our own
A little bundle of joy to complete our happy home

But one night our dream was shattered
Our littele baby was no more
The Angels up in heaven had to take our bundle of joy
For her little heart had stopped beating
And couldn’t go on no more
We didn’t get to meet her
And complete our happy home.
But we know she’s up in heaven
And it’s were she’s meant to be
And that she’s playing with the Angels
We’re her heart can finally beat.

By a heartbroken daddy


As the angels sat in heaven with the stars twinkling above,
They looked at each other and said we have a baby that came from love.
A baby that is special and destined for many things,
A baby that has been given her little set of wings.

She’s destined to be an angel and sit at gods side,
She’s destined to watch over me every day of my life.
She’s destined to shine in heaven like the sun does for us
And she’s destined to glow at night like the stars do above.

By a heartbroken mummy


On the day that I left
You began to cry
Because the angels
Had taken me from your side
You blamed yourself
Because something went wrong
But please don’t cry mummy
It wasn’t your fault
You see it wasn’t my time
Earth wasn’t ready for me
You had made me to special
For God to release

I’ll always be with you mummy
I’ll always watch over you
I’ll be by your side
In every thing that you do
I know you love me mummy
Just like I love you
I’m proud of you mummy
Like your proud of me too

You never forgot me mummy
After all these years
I’m still here watching you
Dry your tears.
So please mummy
Don’t cry no more
For I will be waiting for you
At heavens door

By Mummy and Daddy

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  1. I lost my son in may and I still yearn for him to be here every day 🙁

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